‘Going Green’?

Confused? Not sure about ‘Going Green’? I can help.

The Benjamin Environmental Sustatinability Team (B.E.S.T), has helped companies and individuals just like you ‘Go Green’.

Here are some tips that might start you thinking about ‘Going Green’.

  • Change your bulbs to Compact Flourescent!
  • Drive 5mph slower than normal!
  • Turn off TV’s and computers when they are not being used!
  • Use low flow devices on faucets!
  • Find out why these are good ideas!!!

We face many challenges today in our lives and you may feel there’s little you can do about them.  I can show you easy and simple ways to make a difference in how much energy you use, how much trash you dispose of and how to take care of our families and our world.

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

I am offering a free and quick sustainability assesment of your home or business.

Barry Benjamin: 561-309-6048 or green1consulting@yahoo.com for details on this offer.


Going Green

I believe anyone and everyone (personal and organization) can 'go green'. I believe that the most important issue we have as a society today is to renew our relationship to the place were we live (and die) which is called Earth. I believe I can help anyone 'go green'.

I guarantee to be honest, open and complete in my relationship with anybody whether it is a client or not. I will give the prospective client a written policy detailing performance and any other relevant criteria.

First what is going ‘green’?

Behavior that has the least negative effect on your family (business), you and the environment is the simplest definition I have.

Everyone is going ‘green’, why do I have to?

Apart from the positive effects financially on your family (business) and your financial status, going ‘green’ has a positive effect on the environment, produces a sense of well-being in people, gets people to think, gives people a connection to each other and leads to a positive belief about our world.

The process is simple, but that does not mean the process is easy. It requires hard work and most of all a profound change in our way of thinking about people and the world. I will defer the philosophical discussion for another time.

I want to give you some going ‘green’ tips to save money that anyone can do. Some will seem simple but they all work. I know because I have tried them and seen other people try them in their life. I start each one with an expectation or assumption so if that does not fit then you might not experience the effect that is desired. For example if you own a car most people are interested in spending less money to do what a car allows them to do. There are some people who have a different effect that is desired with the operation of a car so that specific tip will not have the desired effect for them.

Tip 1

Do not buy something today.

Can you find a way to make do with what you have today with respect to one specific item that you were going to buy? For example, if you were going to buy a ream of recycled copy paper for your office today, maybe you could find a way to use the other side of all that scrap paper that gets thrown away or shredded for non-essential notes so there is less of a need to buy paper. This can be applied to any and every situation in business and home life. I do not in any way condone anyone doing anything to hurt another person in the implementation of any of these ideas. So, if you are thinking of not buying that gallon of milk for your children because you need it for breakfast tomorrow, forget it.

Tip 2

Slow down 5 miles an hour in all of your driving.

Time management is difficult for many people, but if you can adjust your schedule most people will not increase their driving time significantly doing errands or commuting.

Tip 3

Turn off something that your family or you leave on ALL the time.

I have found in my life the computer and the TV are the main culprits here. Over time the cumulative financial effect is surprising.

Tip 4

Take something that you do not need and give it to someone that does.

I am not talking about charity specifically, but more about the things that we take for granted and throw away as ‘trash’. Music CD’s are a good example.

Tip 5

Take a walk.

Exercise is certainly a positive result but this also gives us a sense of place and could lead to interaction with people. I will continue to expand upon this ‘simple’ list.

This is not all I have to offer though. More detailed and involved assessments and reports will produce a much greater return. Please use the icons to go to different resources I have included here. Feel free to comment, call or ignore me.