Local Green

Overall Benefits of Parks and Open Spaces

Public Health Benefits of City Parks and Open Space

  • Physical Activity Makes People Healthier
  • America’s Twin Plagues: Physical Inactivity and Obesity
  • Access to Parks Increases Frequency of Exercise
  • Exposure to Nature and Greenery Makes People Healthier

Economic Benefits of Parks

  • Increased Property Values
  • Property Values in Low-Income Urban Areas
  • Property Values at the Edges of Urban Areas
  • Effects on Commercial Property Values
  • Economic Revitalization: Attracting and Retaining Businesses and
  • Tourism Benefits

Environmental Benefits of Parks

  • Pollution Abatement and Cooling
  • Controlling Stormwater Runoff

Social Benefits of Parks

  • Reducing Crime
  • Recreation Opportunities: The Importance of Play
  • Creating Stable Neighborhoods with Strong Community