Benjamin Visuals

I live in Warren, Ohio. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

Buying and Selling Coins / Appraisals

Giving the customer the best information I can about what they bring to me.


Benjamin Visuals will do appraisals in our home office or in the location or your choice. We use the 40+ years of numismatic experience we have to produce a fair, honest and transparent report of your collectibles. There is NO hard sell, we are here to serve you in the best way we can. If you are interested in selling your collectables, we will make a fair offer. The cost to you for our appraisal will be based upon the time it takes us to do the appraisals and the location. Any charges will be made before we start any work, making sure you are informed.

Our collectibles are for SALE

If you see something on our web site that you would like to know more about please ask. Some items might not have a price on them and this is because we feel that item is a special item. Most items have a price that is negotiable. Most of the time we will tell you to the best of our knowledge what we have into the items and what we want to get out of it. We are not here to cheat anyone, but just to make a fair living on products we think have value.

What we know about numismatics

We are members of ANA and have taken courses from them on grading and detection of fakes. We started collecting coins in 1964 and acquired my father’s collection when he died in 2009. I have worked for two of the best dealers I know of. They have helped me to know that I don’t know everything about coins, but want to learn as much as I can every time I talk to someone that I come in contact with.

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