A New Way to Save Energy

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Conservation – a term that is heavily used nowadays in relation to encouraging people to reduce their water usage, energy usage, etc. Conservation is important because the population is currently growing faster than our resources can handle. For example, the City of Vancouver is placing a heavier emphasis on enforcing the lawn water restrictions in the summer. Approaches such as these are in place to change people’s habits to contribute to a greener, more sustainable economy.

Enter Neurio. Neurio is a technology product created and developed by Vancouver-based company Energy Aware, which was founded by Sauder’s own Janice Cheam. In short, the basis of Neurio is to monitor your home’s energy usage, alert you about energy changes, and provide an analysis 0n your energy usage. All this is done with the three components of Neurio: Neurio Sensor, Neurio Cloud, and Wattson. The Neurio sensor is a device that…

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