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Transparent, flexible, organic, abundant materials, and cheap solar cells to become widespread

How great would it be if we can generate energy from just about every surface around?


via Transparent, flexible, organic, abundant materials, and cheap solar cells to become widespread – FUTURISTECH INFO.


The dwindling resources for conventional energy sources make renewable energy an exciting and increasingly important avenue of research. However, even seemingly new and green forms of energy production, like silicon-based solar cells, are not as cost effective as they could be.  An OIST research team led by Yabing Qi is investigating solar cells based on organic materials that have electrodes both flexible and transparent, enabling the fabrication of these solar cells at a low cost. In a recent paper published in the journal Organic Electronics, Qi and his research group characterized the electrodes made with new materials, including plastic, conductive material and zinc oxide. They also successfully identified methods by which to clean the electrodes to restore their conductivity and work…

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Thanks to Miss Lou

Thanks for the follow. I am very passionate about helping people to become sustainable. Behaviors like growing our own food and getting our own energy from the sun and wind are going to become survival tactics in the next 20 – 25 years. Not because you wouldn’t be able to buy them but because they will be priced so high most people will not be able to afford them or we will be in servitude to the ones who will supply it to us. We do not need to be tied to buying, buying, buying everything that is put on the market. We can make it ourselves to a very large degree. Just think about all the ‘stuff’ you buy and then throw away because someone tells you that you need to buy the same thing but ‘new’!!!!

Also think about what it was like to be in a community instead of in front of a TV all day long!

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ISLES OF EDEN – by Harvey Lloyd & Barry Benjamin – YouTube

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