New Animation Model & Case Study for Transition Children by Willi Paul,

Permaculture and Myth: As we tend the soil or is it soul we create the myths of our future or is it the past? Will we ever really know?

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New Animation Model & Case Study for Transition Children by Willi Paul,

Purpose of this Project:

We need to create new consciousness with the images and messages that we make.

Today’s children are super smart and have a great hunger for new stories and myths – to create and share them with other kids globally. So I am an advocate for creating new tools for kids:  sound bites or sound tracks, essays, stories. I have published 34 new myths using this sound, text, imagery, vision , alchemy and new myth frame work.

Images! Children are bombarded 24 hours a day. They need a need perspective or process to break the consumption drone. Something more personal and magical like the new alchemy which is a “change experience.” This model helps to redefine and illuminate new alchemies and proposes integrations in through several creative steps.

The act of working with this…

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