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EnviroAtlas | US Environmental Protection Agency

EnviroAtlas | US Environmental Protection Agency.

Are you going to use these tools?

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Gardening: Nourishing the Environment and the Soul |

Gardening: Nourishing the Environment and the Soul |.

I live in South Florida so we have two growing seasons. I just turned my 4×8 raised bed over and mixed in some compost. I covered the bed with a bunch of pine needles which do a fairly good job of keeping back the weeds. I then promptly left town to manage the business my father left my brother and me in Exuma, Bahamas for a week. When I get back I am going to start some seeds so by the time they are ready the soil should be in better condition than it was last year. Our soil is very sandy here so you really need to keep building it up year after year. Comments, suggestions, feedback welcome.

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