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10 New Charts That Will Make You Want To Stop Global Warming

10 New Charts That Will Make You Want To Stop Global Warming.

This is not about proof or who is the cause. This is about making sure I hand down the tools that future generations might (or might not for all the skeptics) need. In any case these tools will be useful if none of this happens or the will ensure the survival of the people that are prepared. Remember the old story of giving a man a fish and he can eat for a day or give a man a fishing line/pole and he can feed his family for a lifetime? We have the responsibility and are accountable to future generations to give them as many tools as we can to handle whatever the future holds. The Earth will survive no matter what because the Earth has no greed or expectations or money or value or self-interest or religion. We really are that insignificant in the larger scheme of the Universe.

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